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Fuel Safe Police Bladders

Crown Vic Interceptor remediation

Police work often mimics the harshest race conditions, such as when an officer’s vehicle is blocking an accident site or crime scene. These various scenarios put the police vehicle and it’s occupants in the path of speeding vehicles, not unlike a crash situation in racing. Fuel Safe Cruiser Safety Cells offer the only crash test proven fire protection that succeeds both during the impact phase and after the struck vehicle has come to rest. Crash tests have proven that there is no measurable leakage from the fuel cell bladder during or after impact. This ensures the safety of rescue personnel as well as the occupants of the struck vehicle.

No other technology available today is able to contain the fuel in an explosion proof environment during and after impact. This means that without a bladder system, spilled fuel can be ignited well after impact, even during rescue efforts! Ensure your officer’s safety by outfitting your fleet with true race proven fuel fire protection from Fuel Safe.

For more information on our police services capabilities, visit ARM-USA or contact our staff.